Sunday, 19 June 2011

Outgoing,Wendy's Birthday,Father's Day.


今天也是Wendy的生日。吃Zing-Do後,我,Tiff Yang,和Jelly很忙的找地方,生日禮物,蠟燭要送給他的。呵呵。忙得到滿頭大汗,又累又臭。希望他會喜歡我們的小意思。呵呵。開心就好了。

晚上,我,和朋友們一起吃Nasi Goreng Bangka。他們又陪我去賣蛋糕送給爸爸。因為今天也是父親節。呵呵。希望爸爸會高興。

Friday, 17 June 2011

YAD Holiday

6月11號,明天,我當副小隊服。有一點緊張。因為這是我第一次當副小隊服。可是,Dickson Unfatio 和 Tiffany Yang 教我很多。呵呵。謝謝他們哦。

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Join YADerss! :D

Yeah! Yesterday night, I joined Dharma Talk by Ven.Yong Guang in Uniland. I like it. Then, I went with YADerss having supper. I'm really happy. Can join them. It's almost 11.30 PM , I hadn't back home. Waiting for my brother, I went back to my friend's house. Then, he took me, we bought something, and go home!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Oh happy day!

Today morning, my father gave me money to buy new BB torch, because my handphone has broken. Yeah, I'm very happy. Then, I went to Ervinna and Ailice's Graduation at IT&B hall. I became their photographer and my brother helped me to buy my new handphone. Hehe.. I'm really happy today. I can back chat with my friends. I can help them to have their Graduation's Photos.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Wasted Time

Yeah! Today I get free time, and I wanna learn driving,. I'm waiting, but for the second time, he can't teach me. I feel disapointed, and It waste my time. But thank you for thinking to teach me.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Sekolah Alam

Sekolah Alam

My first time come to Sekolah Alam, 21/5, where is learning near with nature. They are Normal Students and A few Autism Students. We can learn how to cook, how to draw, and how to make the water become more clear, etc. The Autism Student can play Angklung, Keyboard very well. Hehe.

I came there with my sister, Joselin Valiant. She invited me to join there. Yeah! Thanks to her. I can learn from there. Haha.

Reall good place,
We can get kind teachers here,
And many friends here.

Before I came here, I never be friends with the Autism. I fear of them. Today, I know they are more than ordinary people. Their laugh, tell us to be grateful of our life, that we can stand in the earth until now. When they was playing Angklung, told us don't be easily desperate.
They are my teacher of life. Thank you.

Helping Grandma..

It's Monday Morning, I helped my Grandma. The first time, I touched very dirty things. Really disgusting. Many cockroachs, lizards there. Hoho. I can"t thing so, dog's faeces also have. Yuckss! But thank you, Ama, I can learn to be more patient when doing something. Yeah, I'm happy too.