Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Sekolah Alam

Sekolah Alam

My first time come to Sekolah Alam, 21/5, where is learning near with nature. They are Normal Students and A few Autism Students. We can learn how to cook, how to draw, and how to make the water become more clear, etc. The Autism Student can play Angklung, Keyboard very well. Hehe.

I came there with my sister, Joselin Valiant. She invited me to join there. Yeah! Thanks to her. I can learn from there. Haha.

Reall good place,
We can get kind teachers here,
And many friends here.

Before I came here, I never be friends with the Autism. I fear of them. Today, I know they are more than ordinary people. Their laugh, tell us to be grateful of our life, that we can stand in the earth until now. When they was playing Angklung, told us don't be easily desperate.
They are my teacher of life. Thank you.

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