Friday, 6 May 2011

Piano Concert 16/4

16/4, I went to Christine Utomo's piano concert. She very cool.. She's a good expression. Hehe..
And the man is Gabriel Schwabe. He come from German. I like his curly hair.. It's too funny.. Hehe.. I miss this concert very much.. Although, It's a little boring, but They can give many variations. I love this concert very much. ^_^

*Cintya, Vanessia, Christine Utomo, Gabriel Schwabe, Me.

She is Vanessia Christie. She is one of my best friends. She is friendly and kind. Hehe.. Cooll.. She used a black-glasses.. She likes ama-ama when she use it.. hahah.. Seriously watching them.. Haha..


Break time...
When CA n Vanessia wanted to go Toilet at 2nd floor of IMS, It was darked.. We're scared of Ghost. You can see that shadow.. I caught it. Hoho.. I went to toilet and It's very dark.

Wahh.. At last, 
They got flowers. 
Congratzz. Congrartzz. Hehe..

*Gabriel, Christine

See you in the next blogs.. :)

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